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Bad Bitch


Hello! My name is Tsch Vx, but you can just call me Tsch. My favorite color is green and my pronouns are (bad/bitch). I love crafting, so much that I'm an omni crafter now! In regards to crafting, I favor Weaver, which happens to also be one of my specializations. My other two are Goldsmith and Blacksmith. I main a Bard, with ties into Dark Knight, and Reaper (new class). I'm horrible at healing so don't even ask, haha! Feel free to ask me any questions!Check out my backstory!
Also some of my photo work here!
Even have an XIV mod page here!
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Tsch's Backstory (Work in Progress)

Waking up to see you are on a boat headed to a new world may seem very confusing, which it is. Standing up and seeing the beautiful mountains of Eorzea’s continent brings a sense of peace. The only thing missing is everything before today. I do not remember my homeland. I do not remember how I got here. I don’t know how I got these tattoos and what they mean. I don’t even remember how I got my name and what it means. Maybe I’ll find these answers when I step off this boat into a world of unknown possibilities.Arriving to Gridana, seeing the Elezen, tall and strong, wielding bows and lances, I felt this was the place to learn my combat strengths. Taking up the bow as my main weapon, it felt…natural to wield on its own. Encompassing musical components, I became a bard. A very good bard mind you. The very same bard that saved Eorzea more than once from titans.(Still not aware of this information) Not knowing anything about myself, in reality, I am a bigger deal than I think. Turns out I am the last of the Cloud Serpent Clan. Our clan's primary trait is our distinct green hair and our green eyes. I was the last survivor of the attack upon our clan. The extreme duress of that instance has left my memory shattered. I can’t remember visual and logistical things, but I can somehow remember physical attributes. Like when picking up a bow, it feels natural, but I don't know why. Or when I am gathering. I’m able to identify them, but I can't recall WHY the knowledge is so ingrained within me.My name isn’t Tsch Vx. I gave myself that name when coming over to Eorzea. How did I come up with it? Something short, like myself. A name with no meaning. A person with no history. A name with no ties to anything of the past, just like me. The real name is Graag Gram Vith or Green Cloud Serpent. As of my clans name. The green hair is genetic. Ergo green.

Photo Work

Some context

Most of these photos I did for fun and wanted to showcase them!
If you're wanting some more examples, I have a client page as well!

If you'd like to hire me for pictures, please feel free to join my photo discord! And or check out my ImgBB

Fortune Teller

Exploring il mheg

The Sole dragoon

RP info

  • Name: Tsch Vx

  • Age: 26

  • Race: Au Ra (Xaela)

  • Features: Green hair, green eyes, green serpent tattoo on back, henna on chest

  • Nameday: 16th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

  • Gender: Female

  • Orientation: Pan

  • Profession: Bard, Crafter, Gatherer

  • Residence: Plushie Domain (Mal - Shiro - W23 - P47)

RP Guidelines

  • Adult only. That means 21 and older.

  • Fluent, in English.

  • Any hate speech, racist or sexist slang (real or IC), or anything that tips me off that you’re a shit person, I bounce.

  • If you cross a boundary, you will be warned.


  • Switch - It all depends on my mood and what I want to do

  • Boundaries - let us TALK about these before a session to discuss what we are both comfortable and not comfortable with.

  • Sexuality - Pan, but goes for majority men

The Tsch's

None of the alternative looks are lore related. It is all for funzies! If asked though, the lore for my main is for everyone else.